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Company Milestones:

“Vostok-Technology” company was established in 2002 in Vladivostok. At the same time the first store-office was opened. Next year offices and warehouses were opened in Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk. “Vostok-Technology” supplies Russian computer market with Zalman and GMC (South Korea) products.
In 2004 and following years “Vostok Technology” expands the range of brands and receives the status of Powercom’s official distributor, in 2005 it becomes regional direct partner of ASUS Company and in 2006 receives the status of Chicony’s official distributor.

Besides establishing the partnership with these well-known manufacturers, “Vostok Technology” introduces its own brand - Velton to the markets of Siberia and Far East of Russia.

In 2007 company was renamed to Ost-com. At the same period Ost-com introduces Velton Maestro brand to the Russian market in the segment of multimedia speaker system of Hi-Fi level. Company extends and opens its branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.

In 2008 Ost-com receives the status of Microlab’s official distributor and replenishes its portfolio with Cosonic and Krauler brands.

In 2010 network equipment by Tenda is also added to Ost-com portfolio.

Ost-com Company (“Vostok-Technology”) was ranked second in respectable web-magazine IXBT.com voting “iXBT Brand 2010 – Readers’ Choice” in “Best Distributor” nomination.

In 2011 Os-Com took second place in the vote «Best distributor of the year» (according to version iXBT.com).

In 2012 our company expanded the scope of activities and introduced a new departure – distributing children's toys.

In 2013 Ost-Com introduced a new class of goods - airsoft gun by G&G company. Ost-com celebrated the first jubilee this year.

Ost-COM Company is a distributor of computer accessories, multimedia, peripherals and networking equipment.

Today Ost-COM Company is headquartered in Vladivostok and has 10 branch offices in the territory of Russia.

OST-COM’s partner companies specialized in several fields:
- Resellers, subdistributors,
- System integrators,
- Computer assemly companies,
- Internet providers, both local and federal
- Retail chains
- Off-line and on-line retail shops.

OST-COM Company focuses on business requirements of its partners.

We perform the assigned tasks qualitatively, professionally and effectively.
We strive to develop and constantly improve our professional skills.
We are goal oriented and value each employee's contribution to the success and prosperity of the company and its partners.

Our advantages:

Competitive prices
Flexible pricing policy. Quick price adjustment in accordance with the market situation.

Individual Customer Service
Relationships with each partner are based on individual approach to achieving their goals. To each partner a personal manager is assigned with responsibility of solving and assisting in all commercial, technical and organizational issues in accordance with individual peculiarities of partner’s business.

Credit accommodation
There is a flexible policy of providing credit line to our partners. Terms and amount is determined by partner’s need, positive history of business relationship and takes into account the prospects of joint business growth.

Efficient logistics
There are logistic resources available to satisfy our partners’ needs: consolidated offices and warehouses in Vladivostok, Moscow, Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar.

Marketing support
Participation in marketing programs and advertisement campaigns. Advertising support in Mass-media, Pos and promotional materials supply. Company provides products for evaluation.


Microlab Electronics Co. Ltd. is focused in acoustics production. Company foundation was in 1998 as a result of pooling of interests of two huge businesses – American International Microlab and Chinese Shenzhen Microlab Technology. From the first days of foundation company’s major activity lines became scientific researches, innovation developing and adoption in sound systems creation branch. Really competitive production was performed from the beginning due to investments in self development and strict quality control.

Zalman tech co., LTD. was founded in 1999 and introduced to the computer industry the concept of "Noiseless computing". In a world filled with noisy computers, "silent" cooling solutions were sought everywhere and contributed to Zalman's rapid growth into the world's leader of high performance, ultra quiet PC cooling solutions.
Zalman continues to lead in the industry through decisive R&D investments, peerless craftsmanship, intensive global marketing and generous customer support.

Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd is a factory invested and set up by professional computer keyboard manufactory, which locate in Sanzhong Guan Li Qu, Qingxi Town, Dongguan City. The head office is located in Taipei; filiales are respectively located in the U.S.A., Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Dongguan, Shuzhou and Etc. The major business is production and export of 110 kinds of computer keyboard (types of desktop and notebook),mouse, camera module, and digital camera, the production are sold all over the world, the stock is listed in Taiwan in 1999.The major customers are Microsoft, HP, IBM, NEC, Lenovo and other large multinational enterprises.
Now it is the head enterprise with the first global keyboard manufactures, the first of the computer camera manufactures, the First of the digital camera module manufactures.


Velton is an own brand of Ost-com founded in 2006. Velton produse PS cases, headphones, acoustics production, power supplies and photopaper. Photopaper is one of the most promising direction.

Producing Velton we want to do it contemporary and available. We want our own brand to be helpfull and modern.


Krauler pruduses UPS, voltage regulators and other products which helps to save you computer and household appliances in conditions of overload voltage. Also Krauler produses PC cases and power supplies. It is production with which Krauler has entered the Russian market. One of new directions are network server and telecommunication cases.

Krauler is focused on the mass consumer and pays much attention to the price policy. Krauler's goal is manufacture accessible «technicians of tomorrow».


Established in 1991, Cosonic Electronics Co., Ltd (“COSONIC”) consisted of Cosonic Electronics, Lesun Digital. COSONIC is a well-known professional headphone and earphone manufacturer specialized in the developing, designing, manufacturing and marketing of various kinds of headphones, earphones and all related components for domestic, industrial and international markets.

As global well-known "Cosonic" brand (Trade mark#3029330), Cosonic takes headphones industry-standard to a new level.


In 2006 Ost-com introduce to the market of Russia trade mark Velton Maestro in a segment of multimedia acoustic systems of level Hi-Fi. It is the quality acoustics possessing respectable and solid appearance in a combination to excellent sounding.

Acoustic systems Velton Maestro are developed by leading experts in the field of electroacoustics in laboratories Swanspeakers of USA (Los-Anzheles) and Canada (Toronto). In external registration Velton Maestro high-quality materials are used only: a nut tree, massive plates of unpolished aluminum, black the acoustic varnish having the lowered factor of sound reflections. The whole spectrum of speakers and ready acoustic systems have found a recognition in the markets of Europe, Asia and the North America and have received set of significant awards.


GM Corporation Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Seoul, Korea and founded in 1996. The company offers a wide range of PC cases, power supplies, computer peripheral and service to customers worldwide. It is GMC's mission to be the best provider of the state-of- the-art products in the global market. By offering superior products and complete service, the company seeks to share the enjoyable computer life for worldwide end users.

GMC produces middle tower PC cases and HTPC cases (Home Theater PC) which supports mATX and ATX form factors. Our HTPC has a fantastic design and functions and supports up to MS Windows VISTA and MCE (Media Center Edition). In an ever-changing business environment, GMC continues to be committed to customer satisfaction with high quality and innovative design. GMC is devoted to develop superior goods and become a leading computer case supplier in Korea.


Founded in 1999, Tenda Technology is the recognized leading supplier of networking devices and equipments for consumer, SOHO and small business users. Tenda has committed to delivering easy-to-install and affordable networking solutions for its customers, offering innovative, award-winning products that enhance people's lives and productivity.Our product lines include WiFi devices, ADSL CPEs, Ethernet switches, mobile broadband(3/3.5/3.75G) devices and wired routers.

Tenda strives to innovation by long term commitment to R&D investments. With our 250 engineering team that is recognised as high by the industry, this is allows Tenda to develop innovative products and adapt well to different market needs.